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Cummins Environmental Services provides clients all over Ireland with the best in professional septic tank installations.
All our septic tanks are installed in accordance with all European and Irish environmental laws and regulations.

With over 2 decades of septic tank installation experience, our specialist team can advise clients on the right septic tank system for the unique requirements of their property.

Our range of septic tank services include:

Septic Tank Installations
Septic Tank Cleaning
Septic Tank Upgrades

Does your property require a regulatory complainant septic tank installed, or do you require a septic tank upgrade? Get in contact with Cummins Environmental Services today.
(0404) 78260


For the best in professional and experienced septic tank installation and septic tank draining, get in contact with Cummins Environmental Services today.


We provide clients with a full and regulatory compliant septic tank cleaning service.

Some common signs that your septic tank needs cleaning and draining include:

  • A bad smell near a property or the actual septic tank

  • A gurgling sound coming from drains

  • Issues with sinks or toilets draining slower than usual

  • Effluent seeping from drains located outside a property

  • Ponding around the septic tank

The environmental protection agency (EPA), recommends that septic tanks be emptied around every 12 months.

For more information on our range of septic tank cleaning services, get in contact with Cummins Environmental Services today.
(0404) 78260

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