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Cummins Environmental Services provides clients with a comprehensive range of professional grease traps, designed to prevent blockages in everything from domestic to commercial kitchens.
Grease traps or grease interceptors are designed to capture and gather grease; that gets either poured down a drain or washed off cooking utensils.
The grease traps installed by Cummins Environmental Services separates the grease from the hot water, trapping the grease before it enters the sewage or drainage system. This innovative system helps prevent drain blockages.

Our grease trap services include:

Grease Trap Installation
Documentation of Discharge
Grease Trap Maintenance
Environmental Responsible Grease disposal

For additional information on our grease trap installation services, get in contact with Cummins Environmental Services today.
(0404) 78260


For the best in professional grease trap installations, get in contact with Cummins Environmental Services today.


With over 2 decades of grease trap installation experience, we have the manpower, resources and expertise to install grease traps of all types and sizes.
Our installation experts are available to work in collaboration with the client in selecting the appropriate grease traps for the specifics of their property.

Our expert grease trap installation team can install a grease trap with minimum disruption to the day to day running of your commercial property.

Depending on the specifics of your building, we can recommend the appropriate intervals between grease trap maintenance and grease trap cleaning.

We dispose of all grease responsibly and issue property owners with a regulatory compliant, documentation of discharge.

Need a grease trap installed in your property? Then get in contact with Cummins Environmental Services today.
(0404) 78260

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